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Auto Enthusiasts!

Our library of photos taken during the Albany Classics Car Shows though out the years. It includes individual vehicles, events, people, trophies, etc. Helping us remember all the great vehicles and times at the Albany Classics Car Shows.

These pictures are property of the Albany Car Museum. Any coping, modification or other dissemination without written approval from the Albany Car Museum is strictly prohibited.
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Car Show Library

Green Beauty
albanycarmuseum026009.jpg albanycarmuseum026008.jpg albanycarmuseum026007.jpg
Checking In
Still Coming In
Professional Helper
albanycarmuseum026006.jpg albanycarmuseum026005.jpg albanycarmuseum026004.jpg
2013 Albany Classics TShirt
Walking the Line
1955 Chevy
albanycarmuseum026003.jpg albanycarmuseum026002.jpg albanycarmuseum026001.jpg
Cars are beginning to Pour In
Ready to take it Home
Off Roader